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We have tried to answer the most common questions.

Full Van Conversion

Which vans do you convert?

We specialize in full conversions for Mercedes Sprinter 144/170 (2019+ models), which is where we have the most experience. We can also do full builds on Ford Transit and Ram ProMaster vans, but these are custom projects that require an inquiry for more details. For upfitting and installation work, we handle most van models.

Who provides the van?

You do!

While we don't supply vans, we'll gladly guide you in choosing the right one. Your vehicle purchase is entirely your decision.

We take care of you from the moment you have the van until you receive the finished conversion, supporting you throughout the entire process.

How much does a full conversion cost?

Sarcastic builders would say “How long is a piece of string”… and there is some truth to that. There is a lot to consider, so you can only hope for a vague answer and a large price bracket $25k - $200k. Not helpful...

Enter: Converted Van’s 3D Builder.

On our site, you can customize your build exactly how you want it. Get transparent, real-time pricing to understand costs upfront. Add what you want and remove what you don't - it's that easy! No more vague estimates, just a straightforward and tailored experience.

How long does a full van conversion take?

Minimum of 8 weeks.

- 4 weeks to manufacture and source parts
- 4 weeks to build the van

We tell all of our customers that we can’t guarantee a final delivery date until we are 2 weeks out from finishing. This is to ensure your van meets our very high standards, and so that we are not caught trying to rush your build to meet an unrealistic deadline. That being said, we will do our best to give a realistic timeline by looking at your specific build, and 90% of the time, we’ll deliver in that time frame

Do you sell already converted vans?

No, we don't. We are a van conversion and upfitting shop, not an RV dealership.

When you choose us for your conversion, you get the advantage of full customization. Your input from the beginning allows us to create a build that perfectly aligns with your needs. With finished vans, we can't guarantee they would be a perfect fit for you.

Upfitting / Installation

What is upfitting?

Upfitting simply means taking your van and adding stuff to it. E.g. adding windows, adding a roof fan, installing a ladder to the rear doors, installing a roof rack with solar panels etc.

At our shop, we can work on most sizes and shapes of van, even truck campers and trailers. While we strive to accommodate most requests, we have to carefully evaluate each upfit job on a case-by-case basis to maintain our commitment to quality and always reserve the right to decline a job if it’s not the right fit for us, or if we simply don’t have the experience to deliver a result we are 100% confident in.

As upfitting work can vary significantly based on specific requirements, we provide estimates based on the anticipated time and labor involved.

What upfit (installs) can you do?

At our shop, we have the experience and just about every tool needed to do everything from upholstery, electrical work, van windows, bumpers, light bars, roof racks, seats, accessory installs, heaters, solar panels, full plumbing systems - you name it!

As upfitting work can vary significantly based on specific requirements, we provide estimates based on the anticipated time and labor involved.

Parts Store

Do you install parts?

Yes. All parts listed in our store can be bundled with flat rate installation at our workshop in Orem, Utah.

What about parts not in your store?

Yes! We have an extensive list of suppliers and can source custom parts for vans, no problem.

Do you hold stock of all parts in your store?

Not exactly. We keep a limited supply of the more popular parts on hand at our workshop. We work with our suppliers to fullfil orders that need to be shipped, by just having them send the order straight to you!

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