Our Purpose

We build vans for people seeking freedom, escape, and meaningful connections with one another, and nature.

We believe that converting a van into a livable space is the ultimate way to experience the freedom and beauty of the great outdoors. With a Converted Van as your adventure base camp, you can enjoy all the comforts of home while exploring places way off-the-beaten-path. Reliable systems allow you to stay off the grid for extended periods, so you can truly disconnect and recharge. It's no surprise that more people are turning to vanlife for a simpler, more fulfilling way of life and we take great pride in enabling that lifestyle for as many people as possible.

Our Team

Without this team of wonderful and talented folk, Converted Van Co is nothing. These legends put in the hours and don't settle for second best...

Adrian Samarra

Dallin Murphy

Johnny Muldoon

Katie Bennett

Jordan Samarra

Our Values

Function first.

We look at every aspect of our business with this lens. Does it function well? If not, read on...

Continual improvement.

From the detailed processes behind our van builds, to the lines of code on our website. We relentlessly pursue the art of refinement.

Challenge conventions.

If change is the only thing you can count on, rest assured we’ll be first in line to embrace it, try new things, iterate, collaborate, and roll out fresh ideas.

Keep our people happy.

We strive to create a supportive and relaxed culture, focused on maintaining quality relationships where everybody is valued and respected - from our team and customers to our delivery drivers.

Our History


Yate - England

Adrian has always loved vans. This was his first. A 2003 Citroen Dispatch that smelt like cigarettes and old engine parts.

A formidable ride, by anyone's standards.


Yate - England

Dreaming of owning a VW, Adrian's next van was a shockigly average and very unreliable Vauxhall Vivaro. This time, he made sure to carpet the ceiling and walls and fill the inside with Ikea cabinets. If you squinted, it kind of looked like the VW he dreamt of.


Fontainebleau - France

A few years later - another van. British folk will recognize this as the iconic VW Caddy/British Gas service van. Nice little van. Horrible color. Simple conversion. Great adventures.

Spring 2019

Squamish - BC

Adrian immigrated to the USA in 2018. A few months into his new married life, he got stuck outside the country due to some very boring visa complications. Squamish became his home for next 2 years while his US visa resolved. Luckily for him, Squamish is one of the best places on earth.

He purchased a Promaster van to make himself feel better - his first van in North America.

Summer 2019

Squamish - BC

He of course converted it, using only basic tools in the parking lot of the Home Depot with his buddy, James (who was working on converting his 40ft skoolie).

Fall 2019

Squamish - BC

Ever the opportunist, Adrian teamed up with his parking lot/design engineer buddy James, and together founded Vanovation - the Squamish-based van conversion company that is still crushing it to this day.

We consider Vanovation the sister company to Converted Van. Adrian and James still regularly collaborate on R&D projects and help each other out sourcing parts and sharing knowledge. It's a good deal!


Provo - Utah

The US gov finally got their act together and granted Adrian the visa he deserved, where he could finally re-unite with his family and move back to Utah. Pretty much straight away, he started searching for a workshop and found a small spot in Provo.

Converted Van was born.


Orem - Utah

Soon enough, there was more demand for van work than we could handle out of a shop that only fit one van at a time. So we moved to a bigger shop in the neighboring city, Orem.


Orem - Utah

Started from the bottom, now we're here.