Cargo Van Seating Guide

Are you looking to add seats to your cargo van? Safety should be your top priority. Here's what you need to know before making a decision:

Understanding FMVSS:

  • FMVSS stands for Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards.
  • It applies to all vehicles in the US, ensuring safety compliance.
  • Learn more about FMVSS here.

Importance of Integrated Seat Belts:

  • Federal law requires vehicles under 10,000 lbs to have 3-point seat belts for every forward-facing passenger seat.
  • Integrated seat belts ensure passenger safety during travel.

Shopping for Passenger Seats

  • Look for seats that meet FMVSS Seat Structure and Seat Belt Anchorage Points strength requirements.
  • Ensure the seat frame, seat belt mounting points, and seat base/pedestal can withstand required forces.
  • Ask vendors if their seats are FMVSS 207/210 compliant.

Proper Installation:

  • Even if you buy FMVSS certified seats, proper installation is crucial.
  • Some manufacturers may leave it to you to figure out how to install and reinforce your van's floor.
  • Seek professional help if needed to ensure a safe installation.

Certified Cargo Van Seating Solution:

  • A tested and certified solution includes passenger seat frame(s), mounting base, floor mounting plate, and support brackets.
  • These components are designed to work together and pass in-vehicle pull-tests per FMVSS 207/210 requirements.

Remember, adding seats to a cargo van requires careful planning and engineering to meet safety standards. Prioritize safety to ensure a worry-free travel experience for you and your passengers.